Friday, March 27, 2009

Milestone – Now Over 3000 Job Links

Milestone – Now 3000 Plus Job Links

A mentor’s encouraged me to started this blog 2 ½ weeks ago. Since that time the blog has located and posted well over 3000 direct links to jobs mainly in the Tampa Bay area.

Why Tampa ? … Well here are a few thoughts on why …

A large working military presence (McDill AFB is Headquarters for U.S Central Command), large VA hospital, this area has Florida’s second largest number of retired military living there, a large civilian community of retired senior representing (over $1 trillion in retirement assets), headquarters to over 50 – one billion dollar plus corporations, 100’s of software companies, (may medical software), tourism, top notch sports teams, best beaches in U.S., sunshine almost 365 days, no state income tax, lows sales tax 7%, best roads in the country (ranked #4), hurricane free for over 75 years (hurricanes never pass thru Tampa), plus an easy drive to Orlando (Mickey Land).

One other thing, The Port of Tampa …

The Tampa Port Authority - 140 positions.
Florida’s largest port and one of the largest ports in the U.S., major petroleum & energy gateway, major cruise ship home port, shipbuilding, and one of the world’s largest fertilizer ports.

Website -

I will continue to add direct links to jobs …