Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Positive Impact of the Stimulus ...

The Positive Impact of the Stimulus ...

The stock market is moving upward, consumer confidence is on the rise, banks and financial institutions are about to return TARP money and are hiring again, plus the stimulus package is on cusp of pouring into states.

States on the average are seeing a 10% tax revenue loss where they normally see 2% tax growth per year.

Bank of America (885 jobs), U.S. Bank (963 jobs), and Wells Fargo (981 jobs) alone have over 2000 jobs listed on their career sites, which is another good sign.

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Bank Of America Career Center
U.S. Bank Career Center

Wells Fargo Career Center

Tip - The key when applying for a job is personalization and effort for each and every introduction. Introductions should cover your background, highlights, and reason for connecting. Focus on specific ways you can help the potential employers.