Tuesday, September 22, 2009

10 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Job Search …

10 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Job Search …

Organize & Prepare ….
• The more efficient you are with your time the more successful you will be in your job search ..
• Time Management - Make Each Day An Opportunity
• Manage Your Day – Don’t Let The Day Manage You
• Power of Enthusiasm - Enthusiasm will turn Bad Days into Good Ones …
• Facts of Life - Job Applications, Parking, Traffic - Prepare for it ...
• Budget - Minimizing The Cost of the Job Search

Budget For The Cost of Your Job Search

Budget Busters
• Interviewing for a position that doesn’t exist
• Travel to Interviews
• Parking Expense
• Food
• Postage & Faxing
• Child Care
• Dry Cleaning
• Printing & Copy Cost
• Public Transportation
• Newspapers, Books, Magazines

Bogus/Fake Interviews are conducted by some companies and staffing firms where no open position currently exists.

Pipeline, cueing, trolling for cream of the crop candidates by recruiters believing that there maybe an opening occurring in a month or two, happens in today’s business world.

Always ask how long the position has been open, and is the position budgeted for immediate hire. Additionally, if the company has been interviewing for the position for 6 or more months and there is only one opening, the position probably is not going to be filled anytime in the near future. Get more details on why it has not been filled then decide if it is worth your time.

Wasting your time and money interviewing for a position that currently is not open or doesn’t exist, does not make good business sense.

Travel to Interviews – Know where you are going. Getting lost can be expensive. Always map your route using Google Map or Mapquest. Gas, car maintenance, wear, and toll roads & bridges can quickly blow the budget.

Parking Expense – Never pay for parking. Prior to leaving for the interview call and ask the receptionist, operator, or the recruiter at the company you are interviewing with where should you to park, or if the company doesn't provide parking ask where the closest free or low cost public parking is.

Eating Out & Coffee – Bring snacks and water in the car. Avoid purchasing food in restaurants and convenience stores. Even McDonald’s or snacks at 7-11.

Postage & Faxing – Do as much as you can by email. Example: Postage for 100 mailed resumes is $50.00. Cost for 100 email resume zero. Faxing can be done for free at the state employment office.

Child Care – Be on good terms with a neighbor or close relative with kids who may want to swap child care time with you. Low cost daycare may also be available thru community centers and local churches.

Dry Cleaning – Two items $6.00/wk $24/mo that can add up. Use wrinkle free or easy iron clothes as much as possible.

Printing & Copy Cost – State Employment Offices offer free copy services. Most copy machines can produce printer quality prints. Do not use your home printer as a copy machine. Toner cartridges for laser printer and ink jet cartridges costs add up. Use free services for copies no your home printer.

Public Transportation – Look for free or discount bus passes to get around town when not interviewing. Interviewing is going to require a car. In fact most companies ask on the job application if you have dependable transport. If you have to travel out of town consider on line services like Travelocity or Priceline, avoid travel agents.

Newspapers, Books, Magazines – All available for free at your public library. Avoid bookstores they are to tempting.