Thursday, September 17, 2009

Telephone Interview Tips ...



Don't Be a Monument ...

Always Be Engaging with a Winning Personality ...

Keep The Following In Mind …
• Be yourself, relax and be conversational.
• Be confident in your abilities, demonstrate competence, ambition, and show attention to detail and the reasons for your success.
• Do not brag or boast.
Examples - “Hire me and you will never regret it.” or “I will run the department within 6 months."
• If you are currently employed, Never - Talk Negatively About Your Current Position. This will be looked upon negatively by the person(s) conducting the interview.
• Certainly, do not dwell on past situations. Move on and be confident in your ability to be positive and to be enthusiastic about lessons learned.

*** Key Points ***
• Know what you want …
• Know what you are good at …
• Know what you can do …
• Know where you can add value, and sell that ….

Your Goal is to get to the next step which is a Face to Face with the Hiring Manager…
• Try to mirror the style of person conducting the interview in regards to pace of questioning and speaking.
• In some form, you should expect to be asked questions that cover the subjects below. It will be a “high level view” of your career to date, the way in which you work and what makes you the professional you are.
• Why did you or are you leaving your current position?
• Why are you looking?
• Will ask about your career decisions to date to discover what motivates your style.
• What was your first job?
• College degree(s)?
• Career history (1-2 minute summary works best) ?
• Did you live away while attending college?
• Is relocation an option?
• Be ready for The Why? The Where? The When? Of your professional life.
• You will be asked about past positions and each company.
• What did you like about each position?
• What do you like about what you do?
• As you look around, what factors weigh into your decision?
• Tell me about yourself outside work? What are your interests? Style?
• How do you handle managing peers and team members through stressful situations?

Use the STAR format to answer your question (Situation, Task, Action, Result) …
You may get questions like …
• Tell me about a significant accomplishment, and why?
• Tell me about a significant disappointment, and why?
• Why do you feel this company would be a good fit for you? (What can you do for them, without being over-confident?)
• What do you find stressful?
• What are you looking for in a career?

If the job you are being interviewed for involves managing people …
You may get questions about your philosophy of how you manage people and manage the business of technology projects. If she does not, then you should emphasize your people management skills. Coaching, mentoring and leading a team through a project that you are a part of, is an important aspect of the position.
• What is your idea of best practices for the employee life cycle?
• What goal setting systems do you use?
• What has worked for you in the past?
• What is your time frame to start employment?
• Are you available next week for a meeting at their offices?

What You Should Ask ….
• Ask abut the company, process, your observations and research on their web site.
• What is the ideal candidate for the position for which you are interviewing?
• At the end ask her if she has any concerns, or would like more information on anything she sees in the resume or that she has heard from you today. This will give you the opportunity to address anything she mentions immediately and hopefully brush aside the concern and confirm her good judgment.
• Remember, the reason you are on the call is because your resume is very strong for what they are looking for.

Be prepared with notes and points you want to emphasize before the call so that way you will not leave anything out that you want to address under the pressure of the interview.

Finally, be yourself, relax and have a conversation! Be Engaging !